1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1921

Morgan silver dollar represents the Unites States return to minting silver dollars

after a 17 year hiatus. Thanks to a provision in the Pittman act of 1918, commanding

a major meltdown of Morgan silver dollars made before 1904 to aid England in

their effort to pay for mounting war costs during World War I, silver dollars

made their triumphant return in 1921 with over 88 million produced for circulation.

It also

represents the only time in the Morgan silver dollar series' storied history

that the mint in Denver produced any of the iconic silver dollars. The shear

fact that the 1921 Morgan silver dollar was made in such abundance means that

the coin itself is not very valuable from a numismatic standpoint. The 1921

Morgan silver dollar, much like all of it's counterparts in the Morgan silver

dollar series, still has silver in it and that means it is still worth much

more than it was in 1921. The silver content of the 1921 Morgan silver dollar

is just over three quarters of an ounce of silver and the composition of the

1921 Morgans silver dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper. The weight of the 1921

Morgan silver dollar is 26.7 grams, meaning that 24.03 grams of that is silver.


coins of the 1921 Morgan silver dollar type regularly trade on the open market

for their weight in silver. If a 1921 Morgan silver dollar is in what would

be considered by a profession numismatist as a brilliant uncirculated condition,

it will likely find itself in a category of coins that trades for a small percentage

over the value of silver within the coin. Unfortunately for those who appreciated

the coins at the time, the 1921 Morgan silver dollar was the last in the line

of Morgan silver dollars.

The same

year they made the 1921 Morgan silver dollar, production began on the 1921 Peace

silver dollar, which would be the last true silver dollar America would produce

for circulation. Fortunately for coin collectors young and old, the 1921 Morgan

silver dollar was made in such vast amounts that these coins can be easily collected

and added to even the most basic of coin collections.

The Morgan

silver dollar played a very important role in our young nation's history and

the 1921 Morgan silver dollar embodies that notion with it's mostly unaltered

design form the very first Morgan silver dollar way back in 1878. If you have

a 1921 Morgan silver dollar you would like to sell, or if you are in the market

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