We Buy Currency

At Nevada

Coin & Jewelry, we also buy currency from both the United States and from countries

around the world. We buy currency that is currently exchangeable and we buy

currency that is outmoded or has been cancelled by it's host country, generally

for any collectible value it may possess. For as long as paper money has been

use for trade and the purchasing of goods and services, people have been collecting

them as part of a more specific field in the general hobby of numismatics.

For this

reason, we buy currency of the collectible nature in order to fill wish lists

of our customer base. Most current currency is still exchangeable and will have

no collector value, although the exchange rates for the many countries translated

into United States dollars varies incredibly. When we buy currency for it's

exchange value, we factor the current exchange rate as well as determining any

hidden costs that might factor in when returning the currency to its host country.

When we

buy currency of the foreign collectible kind, we determine it's condition, rarity

and overall collector appeal. We buy currency as collectibles using years of

experience and a trained eye for items that will have demand in the ever fluctuating

collectible market. When it comes to United States paper money, we buy currency

that has a collectible market. Generally any modern United States notes with

a green treasury seal on them will not meet this criteria. Age, in many cases,

is not a factor in determining the collector demand when we buy currency. If

modern, or small size, notes carry a different color seal such as the blue,

red, yellow or brown seal, there might be some extra collector value to it.

The good

thing about United States currency is that all paper money made since 1861 in

the U.S. is still legal tender and has at least its face value to it. So even

if there is just a small percentage above the face value representing the "collector's

premium" for your currency, it's still worth it to bring the notes into Nevada

Coin & Currency rather than spending them or taking them to the bank.

Our associates

at Nevada Coin & Currency are happy to walk you through the process of selling

your foreign or domestic currency. We buy currency often and know exactly what

to look for when determining the value of your notes. We buy currency 7 days

a week at Nevada Coin & Jewelry so just find the location that's open on the

day you wish to sell your currency and come on in.

(702) 256-2646

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