US Coin Proof Sets

Us coin

proof sets have been a staple to millions of coin collections, both large and

small, since modern production began on these iconic sets in 1936. The modern

US coin proof sets came about because, during the height of coin collecting

popularity in the 1930's, the collector demand for proof specimens of United

States coinage forced the United States mints into action. As the decades have

unfolded since the first run of the US coin proof set, the sets themselves have

evolved and the packaging and presentation has come into its own. Prior to minting

the first US coin proof set in 1936, the United States had been making individual

proof specimens since early in the 1800's.

The first

proof coins were made to test dies used to strike the many subsequent coins

meant for circulation. The first recorded proof set minted for sale to the public

was made in 1858. The King of Siam and the Sultan of Muscatine were gifted US

coin proof sets in 1834 containing one of each denomination, much like the how

the US coin proof set is produced today. Back then, these were not called US

coin proof sets but rather were called master specimens. The modern US coin

proof sets also contains one of each denomination of US coins with the exception

of sets made in recent years with the many new variety coins being produced

by the US mints. An example of this is the US coin proof sets made each year

since the beginning of the state quarter, territory and state park series, which

contain all five varietal quarters released in each respective year. Another

example is in 2009 when the US coin proof set contains all four reverse variations

of the 100th anniversary Lincoln cent. Investing in the US coin proof sets have

been a turbulent ride for many coin collectors.

As with

many of the collecting hobbies in recent years, the US coin proof sets collectible

market as taken a turn for the worse. Now might just be the time to sell those

old US proof coin sets and turn them into cash which can be used to purchase

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