U. S. Coin Collecting

U.S. coin

collecting is a popular hobby that now has it's roots planted firmly in American

culture as well as being one of the American public's favorite pastimes for

many decades. Although it didn't really gain steam until around the mid-19th

century, several years after the first pieces of U.S. coinage were minted, numismatics,

or coin collecting, became a staple of all collecting hobbies. With the California

gold rush in the late 1840's, and the many examples of private and official

U.S mint gold coinage coming as a direct result of that, many collectors began

to turn their attention to the growing hobby of U.S. coin collecting. And by

the end of the Civil War and into the reconstruction era, when the U.S. mint

in Philadelphia began a campaign of presenting dozens upon dozens of various

pattern pieces of U.S. coins, the hobby of U.S. coin collecting was a permanent

fixture on the collectible scene. Then the need for new coin designs came about,

giving rise to some of the most famous names in U.S. coin collecting, Charles

E. Barber and George T. Morgan. These two men shaped the designs of U.S. coins

for decades to come and designed some of the most iconic and easily identified

coins in the world. The Barber series and the Morgan dollar are highly coveted

by U.S. coin collectors still to this day and are known the world over for their

beauty, simplicity and elegance in design.


with the recent trend of modern technology and entertainment, the collectible

hobbies all across the board have taken a downturn, including the once thriving

U.S. coin collecting world. In the past several years there have been attempts

made by the designers at the U.S. mint facilities to create a new demand for

U.S. coin collecting by making exciting new releases in all denominations of

U.S. coinage. And with these new releases, there has been a renewed interest

in U.S. coin collecting, particularly in U.S. coins made with precious metals.

Since the sudden downturn in U.S. coin collecting began in the late 1980's,

collectors have been turning their attention to the bullion based coin releases

such as the American silver and gold eagles. But, with several other new designs

being released in the U.S coin collecting realm such as state quarters, new

Jefferson nickel designs and the shield pennies of the Lincoln penny series

just to name a few, there is much to explore within the investment hobby of

U.S. coin collecting in the modern age.

With U.S

coin collecting encountering the many twists and turns of the roller coaster

market during the past several years, perhaps now is the perfect time for you

to consider trading in that old collection and investing in some of the newer

bullion based coins of the 21st century. The coin experts at Nevada Coin & Jewelry

can help with these decisions and much more. Just bring your collection, and

any questions you may have, into any one of the Nevada Coin & Jewelry locations

serving the Las Vegas Valley and our highly respected staff would be happy to

guide you through the decision making process.

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