Silver Price

Silver is

a precious metal that has been used in many things from flatware, jewelry, coins

and even as a currency at one point. United States used silver up until the

1970s. 1964 and prior quarters, dimes, and halves were 90 percent silver, 65-70

the Kennedy halves were 40 percent. Silver prices have gone up and down in the

past and present.

The Silver

prices as of this article are at a much lower value then in 2011 and 2012. Finding

Silver prices is as easy as doing a web search for Silver prices and many sites

offer an up to date market value for Silver prices. Silver prices are affected

by many things and will determine its value on the market. Silver prices reached

a high of $48.48 in the last 10 years with the lowest being $4.50.

Many people

still believe that Silver prices will continue to rise and others believe that

Silver prices will continue to plummet it's a very volatile market and both

parties bring up valid points. Silver prices with affect the price you pay to

Silver bullion. Dealers use the current silver prices on the market plus a premium

to determine what price you pay for the silver bullion item you're interested

in. Silver prices affect the Jewelry market as well. Silver is a precious metal

and has been used since the dawn of time in many things including mirrors and

a lot of other every day things. Silver is a shiny metal with a white luster

and is considered very malleable and slightly harder then its more expensive

brother Gold. Silver has a periodic abbreviation Ag with a atomic number 47.

I enjoy

Silver very much both as long term investment and as Jewellery. I have purchased

many Silver items in my day from very reputable companies such as Tiffany and

Co and Cartier. Silver will tarnish but they do make many products to clean

up and polish your Silver. You have to be more careful when wearing any Silver

items because Silver may have chemical reactions to lotions, creams, even body

chemicals can make Silver look less desirable.

You shouldn't

wear Silver jewelry in the swimming pool because chlorine will dull and might

even discolour your Silver jewelry. So in conclusion make sure to do your research

on Silver prices and never be afraid to ask questions about the Silver item

you're buying or investing in.

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