Silver Dollar Coin

The silver

dollar coin has been produced in the United States almost since the beginning

of this nation. Production began on the first silver dollar coin, the "Flowing

Hair" dollar in 1794 and since then has seen quite a few makeovers. Next in

line of the silver dollar coin series in the U.S. is the "Draped Bust" dollar.

With two types of reverses, the Draped Bust silver dollar coin, as well as the

Flowing Hair silver dollar coin, are two of the most sought after United States

coins in all of numismatics.

The 1804

Draped Bust silver dollar coin is one of the rarest and most valuable coins

in the world today. The United States then discontinued production of the silver

dollar coin until the Gobrecht silver dollar coin brought the series back into

production in the 1830's. Although this variety of the silver dollar coin was

in production for just a few years, it rekindled merchants interest in the ease

and efficiency of using the silver dollar coin for transactions of the day.

The "Seated Liberty" silver dollar coin followed the Gobrecht silver dollar

coin and became a staple to business and investment practices for several decades

in the 19th century. After congress neglected to pass legislation required to

keep up production of the Seated Liberty silver dollar coin, the "Trade Dollar"

silver dollar came into production and was mainly used overseas to facilitate

trade and assert U.S. influence in Asia and other Pacific and Indian ocean areas

as many nations in this region of the world were emerging as powerful trade

partners to the United States.

A few short

years after the Seated Liberty silver dollar coin was discontinued, congress

passed legislation enabling mints to begin production on the "Morgan" silver

dollar coin, thus providing a stable source of coinage to help in the expansion

of the western United States. The Morgan silver dollar coin, after being produced

for a time period spanning close to 50 years, gave way to the final business

strike type of silver dollar coin the the United States would release to the

public. The "Peace" silver dollar coin lasted for just 14 years in production,

but made quite an impact on the coin collecting world for decades to come. The

silver dollar coin of the United States has now become a staple in every coin

collection and is still sought after by professional numismatists and novice

coin collectors the world over.

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