Silver Coins

Silver coins

have been around for ages. Since before the beginning of recorded history, silver

and gold have been a powerful force in determining wealth. And when man became

intelligent enough to learn the advantages of having minted coinage that was

evenly measured, which lends confidence in transactions, silver coins and gold

coins came about in abundance. Silver coins are still very prevalent in society


They are

used for investment purposes and, even though most countries have moved away

from producing silver coins for circulation, nearly all of the leading nations

of the world produce .999 pure bullion silver coins. Silver coins are desirable

within the investment community because they provide stability to investment

packages, they can be traded anywhere in the world for a common value determined

by up to minute pricing from the free markets in busuiness centers around the

world and their design and craftsmanship is such that they still can be carried

around in the pocket, although there are some silver coins that are way to big

for that these days. Some silver coins are minted as 12 troy ounce coins, or

1 troy pound, which are way too cumbersome to lug around in the purse. Silver

coins were a major foundation in the building of the United States economy after

the Revolutionary War. Early in the coin minting process silver coins played

a significant role in creating commerce which was confident and secure in its

mode of exchange.

Along with

coins made from copper, nickel and gold, silver coins made at the U.S. mints

were instrumental in helping to develop strong trade relations abroad, as well

as helping to forge a complete country during the time our pioneers moved from

one to coast to the other. Silver coins were the popular mode of exchange during

the days of the wild west as the frontiersmen and merchants alike preferred

the use of coinage over paper money, based in part on the fact that it contained

the precious metal.

The United

states continued to mint silver coins for circulation all the way up until 1970

and many of these silver coins can still be found in circulating change today.

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