Rare Coins

One of the

most fun things to do as coin collector is to hunt for rare coins. Rare coins

are desirable because they represent notions of hidden treasure and the allure

of holding something in your hand that could be worth thousands of dollars.

Most rare coins are just as nondescript and unassuming as the billions of other

coins circulating the world today. If someone didn't know what to look for,

those rare coins could pass through their hands and they would never have any

idea of it, often times being spent for their face value. Most coin collectors,

however, do know what to look for and never tire from the hunt for rare coins.

Some of the most rare coins in America these days look just like every day coinage

used to buy goods and services across the land. There are Lincoln cent rare

coins, Jefferson nickel rare coins and Washington quarter rare coins alike that

could be hiding in your change bucket at this very moment. Rare coins are what

drives the collectible coin market and the best part about rare coins is that

they will always be rare coins. The very definition of rare coins allows this

to be possible.

Rare coins

are rare due to many factors, the most important being that rare coins are exactly

that: rare coins. Rare coins are usually low minted coins that have popularity

and appeal to rare coins collectors. There also could be highly minted coins

that qualify as rare coins due to the state of their condition. Over 88 million

1921 Morgan silver dollars were produced, many of which are still on the market

today, but only a few of those coins exist in extremely high condition grades...

making them rare coins. One of the most sought after and rare coins of the 20th

century is the 1909 S VDB Lincoln cent. To this day, some collectors are lucky

enough to find one of these rare coins in circulation as there were over 480,000

minted. If you are lucky enough to find one of these rare coins in your pocket,

the coin could be worth several hundred dollars.

The easiest

way to determine if the coins you have in that old coin collection qualify as

rare coins, and to avoid hours of sometimes frustrating research into rare coins,

is to bring them in to the coin experts at Nevada Coin & Jewelry. Rare coins

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