Ounce of Gold

The largest

American Gold Eagle is a perfect example of a coin containing one troy ounce

of gold, although the coin itself weighs more than an ounce of gold. This is

because the percentage of gold contained in the coin is 91.67% with the rest

of the coin containing copper and silver to harden the coin for durability while

keeping it a bright yellow color. This type of coinage began in 1986 as it marked

America's return to producing high quality collectible gold coinage with an

official legal tender monetary value and was the first time America made a coin

with an full troy ounce of gold. Following the trend of countries around the

world producing coins with one troy ounce of gold, The United States wanted

to make available to it's people coins that were not only an ounce of gold,

but also coins in different denominations that are a fraction of an ounce of



these coins were meant for investment purposes, but shortly after their release

coin collectors the world over latched onto these coins with the famous design.

They are modeled after the coveted St. Gaudens 20 dollar double eagle made earlier

in the century with slightly less than an ounce of gold. An ounce of gold can

be measured in two ways, a troy ounce of gold which is equivalent to 31.1 grams

of gold or an Avoirdupois ounce of gold which is equivalent to 28.35 grams of

gold. The troy ounce of gold is the standard measuring unit used by governments

and free markets around the world. By using this system of weights and measures

to determine an ounce of gold, the consumer can feel confident that when the

buy an ounce of gold, they are, in fact, getting an ounce of gold. The American

Gold Eagle is just one of many ways a consumer can purchase an ounce of gold.

An ounce of gold can come in the form of official government coinage from countries

around the world as well as private mints that make bullion bars that contain

an ounce of gold as well as bullion rounds that contain an ounce of gold.

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