Nevada Jewelry Buyers

Nevada Coin

and Jewelry are highly respected, trustworthy, and well known Nevada Jewelry

Buyers. What does it take to be respected, well known Nevada Jewelry Buyers?

Well, to be Nevada Jewelry Buyers you have to have the knowledge of what you

are buying. Good Nevada Jewelry Buyers knows how to tell 10 karat gold from

14 karat gold. Knowledgeable Nevada Jewelry Buyers can also tell 14 karat gold

from 18 karat gold.

And trustworthy

Nevada Jewelry Buyers will be able to tell you if your high karat gold jewelry

is 20 karat, 21 karat, 22 karat, 23 karat, or 24 karat gold. Because Nevada

Coin and Jewelry has an X Ray Spectrometer, we are one of the only Nevada Jewelry

Buyers that can tell you the exact gold content of your gold jewelry. So don't

take your jewelry to some Nevada Jewelry Buyers who just bought a gold testing

acid kit off of the internet and are just guessing at what the actual gold content

of your jewelry could possibly be. We here at Nevada Coin and Jewelry are the

highest paying licensed Nevada Jewelry Buyers because we know the exact content

of your gold and silver jewelry.

The owner

and founder of Nevada Coin and Jewelry has been among the most trusted Nevada

Jewelry Buyers since he opened his first store on the Las Vegas strip in 1984,

the Jewelry Exchange. Since then, he has cultivated a reputation as one of the

trustworthy, fair Nevada Jewelry Buyers .He has helped to train everyone who

works at Nevada Coin and Jewelry to be knowledgeable, fair, and trustworthy

Nevada Jewelry Buyers.

As Nevada

Jewelry Buyers, what kind of gold do we buy? Well, as knowledgeable Nevada Jewelry

Buyers, we can and will buy any kind of gold, from gold bullion coins, to jewelry,

to jewelers scrap and natural gold nuggets. Plus, we are one of the only Nevada

Jewelry Buyers who will buy your gold teeth. As Nevada Jewelry Buyers, Nevada

Coin and Jewelry is fully licensed by the city and state to buy secondhand jewelry,

which also helps you, the customer.

Nevada Jewelry

Buyers who are not properly licensed do not report what he or she buys to Metro,

potentially dealing in stolen jewelry or coins. Since Nevada Coin and Jewelry

are licensed Nevada Jewelry Buyers, we report every piece of jewelry to Metro

to be sure we are not dealing in stolen items.

(702) 256-2646

30 Years Buying Precious Metals in Las Vegas Valley

The owner of the original Jewelry Exchange, founded in 1984, brings state of the art digital jewelry buying into a new millennium at Nevada Coin & Jewelry. Read more