Nevada Coin and Jewelry

Nevada Coin

& Currency was founded in 2008 and morphed into Nevada Coin & Jewelry upon the

opening of its 6380 W Flamingo Rd location. Nevada Coin & Jewelry has its roots

in a family run business called The Jewelry Exchange, founded in 1984, on Las

Vegas Blvd located where the Paris Hotel is currently located.

Nevada Coin

& Jewelry is a licensed by Clark County as a secondhand dealer and a coin dealer

at our Flamingo Rd location and at our new Blue Diamond Rd location. Nevada

Coin & Jewelry is a local leader in the buying of precious metals, such as Gold,

Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Items containing these precious metals can be

jewelry, coins, flatware and bowls.


edge technology is a hallmark of the way Nevada Coin & Jewelry conducts business.

Nevada Coin & Jewelry has a large investment in x-ray spectrometers at both

of our locations. The spectrometer allows the staff at Nevada Coin & Jewelry

to analyze the content and percentage of the precious metals in an item such

as jewelry.

Nevada Coin

& Jewelry is a buyer of diamonds 1ct or larger. Having a GIA gemologist on staff,

allows Nevada Coin & Jewelry to make the highest cash offers on diamonds. Nevada

Coin & Jewelry has the most advanced technology to evaluate diamonds, employing

a GIA diamond microscope displaying on a 27 inch monitor. This allows a client

to see the same image of their diamond that the gemologist sees.


jewelry, Nevada Coin & Jewelry also buys precious metals in the form of bullion.

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium is bought from the public based on current

spot prices. Precious metals are measured in Troy Ounces, or fractions thereof.

Most people are familiar with ounces when buying food at the supermarket. That

type of ounce is called avoirdupois. An ounce avoirdupois weighs 28.3 grams

where an ounce troy weighs 31.1 grams.


coins are another area where Nevada Coin & Jewelry helps the public convert

their valuables to the most cash possible. Both of our two locations have dedicated

collectible coin departments staffed by individuals having expertise in their

fields. Our coin people only deal in coins.

Very few

similar businesses have the well thought out systems and practices that Nevada

Coin & Jewelry employes. By combining the disciplines of Jewelry buying, Diamond

buying, Bullion buying and Collectible Coin buying under one roof, Nevada Coin

& Jewelry is almost unique in Las Vegas.

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