LV Diamond Buyers

LV diamond

buyers have long expressed their desire for 1.00 Carat diamonds or larger. First

what is a LV diamond buyer? Who is a LV diamond buyer? Lastly where can I find

the best LV diamond buyer? These are all excellent questions and this article

will aim to answer all these questions for you so that you too can find a LV

diamond buyers who can fulfill your diamond selling needs as long as its 1.00

Carat or larger.


are graded by a person called a Gemologist which are men and women who have

studied the art of gemstones. It's a fun job and can be quite profitable depending

on what you decide to do with your career after graduating from gemology school.

Most LV diamond buyers have attended or graduated from a Gemology course or

class. In fact I would say it's important to only deal with a LV diamond buyer

who has graduated with a degree from GIA which is the nation's leading diamond

graders. Let's first talk about what a diamond is then we can talk more about

LV diamond buyers shortly after. A diamond is one of Mother Nature's most beautiful

marvels it's formed deep in the Earth's Mantle at high temp.


can come in almost all colors of the rainbow. One of the most beautiful colored

diamonds in the world is the hope diamond with its beautiful hues of deep ocean

blues. So what is a LV diamond buyer? A LV diamond buyers is person or persons

who deals in purchasing diamonds of 1.00 Carat or larger. I have said 1.00 Carat

or larger a few times now but let explain why that's so important. LV diamond

buyers strictly buy one single stone that is 1.00 Carat or larger no cluster

rings that equal a carat no channel set ring that's equivalent to a carat.

Las Vegas

Diamond buyers only deal with 1.00 Carat solitaires or larger. The market for

stones under a Carat is weak and therefore the prices are weak and a big reason

why they only deal in diamonds of 1.00 Carat or larger. Who is a LV diamond

buyers any diamond buyer who deals in Las Vegas with diamonds of 1.00 carat

or larger. You can find the best LV diamond buyers by doing a simple web search

LV diamond buyers. So in closing do your research and make sure your diamond

is 1.00 carat or larger.

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