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Las Vegas Jewelry Buyers

Nevada Coin & Jewelry have been professional Las Vegas jewelry buyers since 1984, when we had our first store on the Las Vegas Strip. We are licensed Las Vegas jewelry buyers and secondhand buyers in Clark County. As the one of the largest Las Vegas jewelry buyers, we buy anything made of all precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum.

We are also buyers of fine Rolex watches, gold watches, and diamonds 1 carat or larger. As the most technologically advanced Las Vegas Jewelry Buyers, Nevada Coin & Jewelry employs the use of a state of the art X-Ray Spectrometer that will accurately analyze our client's jewelry for its Precious Metal content. The main benefits of using an X-Ray Spectrometer over the more common acid tests are 2 fold.

The X-Ray Spectrometer lets a Jewelry Buyer determine the exact precious metal content of your coins and jewelry, while the acid tests can only tell if your gold is 22kt, 18kt, 14kt or 10kt. What that means for the consumer is that if you have a piece that is 23kt, we pay you for 23kt gold, not 22kt gold like someone using an acid test would. The second benefit of the X-Ray Spectrometer is that the test is non-invasive.

We don't have to scratch or cut your jewelry to figure out its precious metal content. Stop by today to see our X-Ray Spectrometer in action, there is no obligation, and we will gladly tell you the metal content of anything you have, jewelry or not. Nevada Coin and Jewelry are Las Vegas jewelry buyers of all sorts of jewelry. We buy broken jewelry, out of date jewelry, wedding sets with large diamonds, estate jewelry, platinum jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and flatware, single earrings and anything you can think of.

In addition to precious metal jewelry, Nevada Coin & Jewelry is also a buyer of costume jewelry. If you are not sure if your jewelry is costume, precious metal, or a mix, bring in your whole jewelry box and we will be happy to sort it for you.

Nevada Coin and Jewelry are jewelry buyers that proudly serve Las Vegas and the surrounding communities of Henderson, Summerlin, Boulder City, Green Valley, Anthem, Spanish Trail, Lake Las Vegas, Sun City, Mesquite, Pahrump, Laughlin, and St. George. We are even here to serve you 7 days a week at our Blue Diamond location. Stop by and see why we are the largest Las Vegas largest jewelry buyers.

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30 Years Buying Precious Metals in Las Vegas Valley

The owner of the original Jewelry Exchange, founded in 1984, brings state of the art digital jewelry buying into a new millennium at Nevada Coin & Jewelry. Read more