the word Gold can conjure up images of wealth, Gold jewelry, and Gold bullion.

Gold is listed as AU on the periodic table of elements. The atomic number for

Gold is 79. Gold is very dense, meaning Gold is very heavy for its size. Gold

is also the most malleable metal, with a single gram of Gold being able to be

beaten into a 1 square meter sheet. Because of the inherent softness of Gold,

most Gold jewelry is typically alloyed.

This process

creates karat Gold. Most Gold jewelry in America is 10 karat (41.7% pure) Gold

or 14 karat (58.5% pure) Gold. Also available is 8 karat (33.3% pure) Gold,

9 karat (37.5% pure) Gold, 18 karat(75% pure) Gold, 21 karat(87.5% pure) Gold,

22 karat (91.6% pure) Gold, and rarely 24 karat(99.99% pure) Gold. Alloying

Gold also allows you to create different color Gold jewelry, including white

Gold, green Gold, and rose Gold.

Gold has

been used as money and jewelry since ancient times. Gold was popular in Ancient

Egypt and Rome. Gold was used to make large Gold funeral mask's for Egyptian

Pharaohs. Gold was so important to the Romans that they developed new hydraulic

mining methods for finding Gold. They were able to extract large Gold deposits

with the new Gold mining methods. Many people like to use Gold as an investment

in addition to Gold jewelry.


Gold is typically in the form of Gold bullion. Gold bullion can be made and

sold by private mints, such as Credit Suisse. Gold bullion is also minted by

various countries. Popular Gold bullion coins include the American Gold Eagle,

the Chinese Gold Panda, the South African Gold Krugerrand and the Canadian Gold

Maple Leaf. These Gold bullion coins minted by various countries often have

a monetary value, but that value is less than the intrinsic value of the Gold

in these Gold bullion coins.

Most Gold

bullion coins are issued in 22 karat Gold, like the Gold Krugerrand or 24 karat

Gold like the Gold Panda and Gold Buffalo, and come in one ounce Gold bullion

sizes, along with various fractions of an ounce. The reason people like Gold

as an investment is that Gold can be a hedge against inflation. Gold can also

be used to keep wealth in the face of a collapsing economy, as the Gold will

still have value in the currency of other countries.

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