Gold Coin

The gold

coin is one of the most prized numismatic and investment treasures around. Governments

and private mints have been producing the gold coin for as long as trade between

private citizens, merchants and governments has existed. The gold coin has helped

to build wealth and growth in nations and the gold coin has also backed sizable

public works projects created by major empires and emerging nations, alike.

It's safe

to say that the gold coin has helped to shape the course of human history. A

gold coin can come in many shapes and sizes and there are millions of different

varieties that exist that have been made in all corners of the globe. A gold

coin from antiquity would often have been spent much the same way a gold coin

from our recent history would have been spent, in trade for goods and services.

Often, a

gold coin made recently by many different countries will have been made from

pure .999 fine gold bullion. Investing in the gold coin is a great way to balance

any investment portfolio. The gold coin can create a stable foundation to any

investment strategy and, generally speaking, the more cavalier the strategy,

the more important it is to back up that strategy with the gold coin.

The more

popular gold coin produced by countries, such as the South African Krugerrand

and the Canadian Maple Leaf to name a few, can be recognized as what they are

and traded openly in most free markets of the world, making a gold coin of these

types more appealing to the investor and collector, alike. Every so often, a

gold coin can have an increased numismatic value as well. A gold coin from the

pre-1933 era in the United States can easily fall into this category and can

sometimes be traded for much more than just their gold value. For the most part,

condition is paramount when determining any extra value a gold coin might have.

A coin professional who is trained in evaluating a gold coin can quickly determine

any numismatic value a gold coin of this nature can have and will be able to

determine the numismatic market's eagerness for these coins.

If you have

a gold coin and would like to sell, or you are in the market to buy any type

of gold coin, just come in to any of the Nevada Coin & Jewelry locations serving

the Las Vegas Valley. Our coin professionals are well trained in evaluating

your gold coin and can walk you through the twists and turns of selling any

gold coin.

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