Double Eagle Gold Coin

The United

States twenty dollar Double Eagle gold coin is the largest denomination coin

America produced prior to 1986, when the 50 dollar American Gold Eagle was released.

Unlike the American Gold Eagle, which is a one troy ounce of gold generally

minted for investors and coin collectors, the 20 dollar Double Eagle gold coin

was minted for the purposes of being circulated and used as legal tender in

the purchasing of goods and services. The Double Eagle gold coin has a storied

past that paralleled expansion within the continental United States. First minted

in 1849 on the heels of the rich gold discovery at Sutter's Mill in Northern

California in 1848, the Double Eagle gold coin became an iconic status symbol

for westward bound adventurers looking to stake their claim to untold riches.

The initial

design of the Double Eagle gold coin coincided with the coinage of that era,

employing the young matron head representing liberty on the obverse, or front,

of the coin and the standard American eagle in flight with the shield on the

reverse, or back, of the coin. Although minor adjustments were made and rare

varieties minted, this design of the Double Eagle gold coin lasted until early

into the twentieth century. The second and last design of the American Double

Eagle gold coin was that of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who arguably created the

most beautiful coin America has ever produced, the Saint-Gaudens twenty dollar

Double Eagle gold coin. Minted between 1907 and 1933, the Saint-Gaudens Double

Eagle gold coin stands as a pinnacle of design and beauty mixed with functionality.

With a forward

facing walking liberty on the obverse and and eagle in flight over a sun with

rays on the reverse, this Double Eagle gold coin has many specimens that are

quite desirable in the numismatic world, including one of the most costliest

coins in the coin collecting hobby: the 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold

coin, worth well into the millions due to it's scarcity and the history of controversy

surrounding the outlawed coin.


most of these coins still fall into the category of coins that trade for their

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