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Coins shops have been around for centuries as a necessary outlet for coin collecting, currency exchange and precious metal trading. Modern coin shops facilitate the investor's need for physical bullion trading and allow collectors to peruse through the millions of different type coins from across the ages, as well as sell coins that are unwanted or unneeded. Most coin shops in the United States keep a good supply of modern bullion coins as well as a healthy mix of numismatic treasures to keep up the interest of modest coin collectors and high end connoisseurs of numismatic treasures, alike. Coin shops in Las Vegas are few and far between, unlike the heavy amount of coin shops permeating the east coast and mid-west, simply because there has never been a strong market for coin collecting in the Las Vegas area.

Some postulate that the reason behind the lack of coin shops in Southern Nevada is because the town is relatively newer and smaller and without the generations of native families to pass the coins, purchased at coin shops, down to one another. But most would agree that the main reason for a lack of interest in the numismatics, and therefore a lack of coin shops in Las Vegas, is because people have many other, more immediately gratifying, things to entertain themselves with in this city, backed by a general downturn in all collectible hobbies since the advent of the internet and video gaming. There is still a need for coin shops for many reasons and, in Las Vegas, Nevada Coin & Jewelry fills that need perfectly. Nevada Coin & Jewelry is the largest and most reputable of the coin shops Las Vegas has to offer, and, as coin shops go, we stand out as having the most friendly and knowledgeable staff to serve your numismatic needs. Coin shops can sometimes be run down or unsecured and can be staffed by people who have little or no training.

You'll want to stay away from these types of coin shops. Just follow the hundreds of glowing recommendations from the many happy customers who have come into Nevada Coin & Jewelry over the past 30 plus years. Good coin shops can be a fun and enlightening experience and can provide a wealth of historical knowledge to the young and old. So bring the family into one of the Nevada Coin & Jewelry coin shops serving the Las Vegas community today to buy and sell your coins.

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Store Locations & Directions

West Flamingo Road Store
6380 W. Flamingo Rd Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(Between Jones & Rainbow)

(702) 256-COIN (2646)

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Blue Diamond Road Store
4150 Blue Diamond Rd. Suite 108
Las Vegas, NV, 89139
(Between Target & Kohls,
Near the Silverton Casino)

(702) 220-GOLD (4653)


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Flamingo Store
Clark County Licenses

2000012.459 (coin buying)
2000123.735 (jewelry buying)

Blue Diamond Store
Clark County Licenses

2000027.459 (coin buying)
20000241.735 (jewelry buying)